Hindu Calendar 2022 March | मार्च 2022 हिन्दू कैलेंडर

कैलेंडर 2022, हिंदू पंचांग आमतौर पर भारत में पारंपरिक प्रथाओं में से एक के रूप में पालन किया जाता है। भारतीय विभिन्न प्रथाओं, त्योहारों और विश्वासों का पालन करते हैं जैसे दीपावली, होली, ईद, आदि जिसे बड़े उत्साह और धार्मिक विश्वास के साथ मनाया जा सकता है। हिंदू कैलेंडर पूरी तरह से चंद्र गणना पर आधारित है जिसे पंचांग या पंचगम के रूप में जाना जाता है। भारत में ज्योतिषी और पंडित विवाह, सगाई, भूमिपूजन, हवन आदि की शुभ तिथियां तय करने के लिए 2022 हिंदू पंचांग का उपयोग करते हैं। हिंदू कैलेंडर के अनुसार, महीने के अनुसार त्योहारों और शुभ तिथियों का विस्तृत ज्ञान प्रदान किया जाता है।

Importance of March month:

The Hindu calendar is known to provide all the required information that one needs to make their days auspicious and inclined toward eternity. The reading of this calendar is entirely based upon the calculation of the lunisolar system. As per the Hindu calendar, march month comprise of two different months i.e. Phalguna (फाल्गुन) and Chaitra (चैत्र). Phalguna is considered as the last month and Chaitra opts to be the first month of the shaka calendar. But, March is best known as Chaitra by the Hindu calendar in which month the biggest festive of Hindu is celebrated that is none other than holi.

Hindu Calendar 2022 March

The list of the important dates of the Hindu calendar is described below:

Maha Shivaratri: (महा शिवरात्रि)

Maha Shivaratri: (महा शिवरात्रि) This is the festival that is considered to dominate the Hindu festival in honor of lord shiva who is remembered as the god of destruction. Maha Shivaratri is recalled as the great night of shiva and as per the legend, it is the night when lord shiva performs the heavenly dance that is best known as tandav (तांडव ). As per Hindu calendar 2022, this day is celebrated in the Krishna Chaturdashi tithi (कृष्णपक्ष की चतुर्थी ) of Phalguna month and this situation is going to arise on March 1st, 2022, Tuesday.

Phalguna Amavasya: (फाल्गुन अमावस्या)

Phalguna Amavasya: (फाल्गुन अमावस्या) This is the day when people prefer to remember and pray for their dead ancestors. On this day people have to perform the rituals such as tarpan (तर्पण ) in honor of their pitru (diseased elders). This is the day when farmers worship their plough and equipment related to farming with the hope to gain maximum yield. Amavasya  (अमावस्या ) tithi as per the Hindu calendar is a new moon day in the month Pausha. This is an occasion that falls in the Chaitra month of Krishna Amavasya that is on 2nd March 2022, Wednesday.

Hindu Calendar 2022 March Multi Colored
Hindu Calendar 2022 March Multi Colored

Ramakrishna Jayanti: (रामकृष्ण जयंती)

Ramakrishna Jayanti: (रामकृष्ण जयंती) This puja is celebrated at Belur math and Ramakrishna missions in the remembrance of Ramakrishna who advocated Bhakti and Bhagavad Gita which deeply influenced the modern Indian history of Hinduism in India and its movement. This day is celebrated as per the Hindu lunar calendar on March 4, 2022, Friday which is the Shukla Dwitiya day of Phalguna month. 

Amalaki Ekadashi: (आमलकी एकादशी)

Amalaki Ekadashi: (आमलकी एकादशी) This is the Ekadashi of the Phalguna month which comes in the Shukla paksha moment (waxing phase of the moon). This is the day on which amlaka or amla tree is worshiped and therefore named Amalaki Ekadashi. This vrat is adopted by the devotees of Lord Vishnu on the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. In the year 2022, this is the day that going to fall on 14 March 2022.

Holika Dahan: (होलिका दहन)

Holika Dahan: (होलिका दहन) Holi festival celebration is enjoyed by people in the spring season which is recommended as the period of delight and bliss. As per the march Hindu calendar 2022, Holika Dahan is performed on the evening of full moon day. People lit a bonfire of wood logs and cow waste cakes and gather around it in the evening and rotate (parikrama) around the fire. Blazing Bali and eat after some time all together with the family and friends.  This is the tithi of Phalguna month, Shukla Purnima dated 17th march 2022, Thursday to provide happiness and prosperity in the life of the people celebrating this wonderful occasion.

Hindu Calendar 2022 March with Holidays
Hindu Calendar 2022 March with Holidays

Holi: (होली)

Holi: (होली) For the wellbeing and prosperity of the family member and loved one this celebration comes with the joy of color. This is the day that is celebrated the next day of Holika Dahan. It falls in the Chaitra month of Krishna pratipada when people love to play with colors and enjoy varieties of sweets. According to the Hindu calendar 2022 pdf, Holi is going to be celebrated on Friday dated 18th march 2022.

Bhai dooj: (भाई दूज:)

Bhai dooj: (भाई दूज:) This is the Chaitra month celebration of Krishna Dwitiya dated to be enjoyed on 20th March 2022, Sunday.  Bhai dooj is even known as bhaiya dooj that display the unconditional love and bond established between the sister and brother, on this day sisters pray for the long life, well-being, and prosperity of their beloved brother by putting tilak and offering sweets and proceeding with the aarti.

मार्च 2022त्यौहार
1 मंगलवारमहाशिवरात्रि , मासिक शिवरात्रि
2 बुधवारफाल्गुन अमावस्या
14 सोमवारआमलकी एकादशी
15 मंगलवारप्रदोष व्रत (शुक्ल) , मीन संक्रांति
17 गुरुवारहोलिका दहन
18 शुक्रवारहोली , फाल्गुन पूर्णिमा व्रत
21 सोमवारसंकष्टी चतुर्थी
28 सोमवारपापमोचिनी एकादशी
29 मंगलवारप्रदोष व्रत (कृष्ण)
30 बुधवारमासिक शिवरात्रि

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